My experience at #LushLeicesterDoesXmas

Hi guys, so today I would like to talk about my experience at Lush Leicester’s Christmas Launch for the 2016 range.
So I know this is very late as this event took place just before October. But better late than never 😉

I’ll just be talking about what happened at the event, as well as my overall thoughts and feelings of the Halloween and Christmas products from this years range, which have now sadly. Been took off the shops shelves.

As soon as we were welcomed into the shop, we were given our own personalized Lush lanyard with our blogging name on. And we were left to roam around and talk to the staff about all of the new seasonal products. There was many demo’s going on around the room, with someone on bubbles and bath bombs, some on skincare and some on shower ect…

I spent a lot of my time over at the bath demo’s as this is such a fun part of Lush and their company. Here are some photo’s of when a staff member was testing out some of the bubble bars and bath bombs.


Then the wonderful Aiyazz told us that we were going to be making the Creamy Candy Bubble Bar, and the Big Blue Bath Bomb (one of my favorites). We went upstairs to the party room and we got making!
I can’t remember how we made the products, but it was such a fun experience mixing in all of the ingredients for Big Blue, as its ingredients are so good for your skin.
Here are some photos that I took during the process.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Throughout the night, we also got to have some great cupcakes, which were delicious. I’ll include some pictures of these to make you jealous and hungry….


After all of these wonderful experiences, we were then left to go around the shop, buy the new products before their release, and to talk to everyone. I got talking to some of the staff members, and then they tested out the Snow Fairy Collection on me. Here are some pictures from the experience.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Then after all of this, when we left we got given a goodybag full of samples. Which was such a great ending to one of the best nights ever! Here is a picture showing what I collected throughout the evening.


Thankyou for reading ❤ xx


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