The Deviants by C.J Skuse ~ Spoiler Review

The Deviants is C.J Skuse’s new YA novel, which is released TODAY!! In the UK it is published through a wonderful publishing company called Mira Ink, who never fail to release brilliant books. For more information please contact them.

If you haven’t read this book yet, please read my spoiler free review here ~ 

23126437The synopsis of the book is that, since being a very young age. The Fearless Five, Ella, Max, Corey, Fallon and Zane, were inseparable. But when Max’s sister is killed, they seem to separate. After these problems, only Ella and Max are in touch, being a couple since the age of 13. But secrets are causing their relationship to slowly degrade. When old friend Corey returns back into their life, the Fearless Five are re-united. To bring revenge onto them who have hurt them.

So now, I will be discussing just some of my favourite parts of the novel.

  • The Mystery Cat – this had to be one of my favourite moments of the book, as even though it was sad that it turned out to be Corey’s cat that was the cat that died. The build up and tension to it was just perfect.
  • The Father Of The Baby Reveal – Now for me personally, I knew Zane would have something to do with this baby, but when he was revealed to be the full father of the baby, I was in pure shock. And honestly, I had to stop reading the book for a while!
  • Chapter 15 – I just loved Chapter 15, it was really fun in my opinion, for us to see Ella’s opinion on Max’s family, who are for the most part. Absolutely horrible. But the end of the chapter when Ella went upstairs to see her own boyfriend, kissing his cousin. Just ruined me, I honestly felt so shocked, and so sad for Ella.
  • Chapter 16 – Now this chapter was just once again, amazing. It was the Chapter to me, where all the cute lovey stuff happens. When Corey gets to cut Fallon’s baby’s umbilical cord, I was crying so much. As I knew that Corey really had feelings for Fallon, and to see him be such a weak-looking character at the beginning off the novel to being such a strong person.
  • Miscarriage reveal! – I never saw this coming, I knew something bad was going to happen. But I never imagined it being as bad as this. I was genuinely screaming across the house when this happened…..
  • Zane and Jessica – Then when Zane reveals that he told Jessica about Ratman and Ella, the day before she died. Which gives many people the impression that he also sexually abused her.
  • Max and Hamlin – When Max had Hamlin ‘hostage’, I honestly believed that Max would go overboard and kill Hamlin. I remember having to read certain parts of this chapter more than once, as it was just so intense.
  • Max and Ratman – When Max started going after RatMan (his dad), I knew that this was when something was truly going to go down.
  • Ella – When Ella goes near the water, I started to panic, I knew someone was going to die. But never in a million years, did I think that it would be Ella. I was in floods and floods of tears.
  • Chapter 29 – The last chapter of this book was beautiful, pure amazingness (is that a word 😛 ) I loved the act that Ella was hanging around with Jessica, it just made me so happy to know that even though, they weren’t with their friends, they were watching over them. I loved the fact that Fallon named the baby Ella, it just made me so happy (yet I was still in tears ….) When it was said that Neil had 17 years in prison, all I could do was laugh, I honestly was so glad that he got was he deserved. I loved the part where Ella waves at young Ella, it just helped lighten up the sadness in the last couple of chapters. The last part where Jessica says that its time to go, and Ella agree’s. Had me in so much tears, that I lost the page I was on. The book had been dropped due to shock and sadness!

My favourite character out of the Fearless Five was Corey as his character was something really unique and unlike anyone I have read about before. I would say he is a geeky but surprising character who can stand up to things, which people think he wouldn’t be able to. Although I loved every single character in the book, except for one (for obvious reasons when you read the book), because unlike many books where many characters come from the same backgrounds, have the same family problems ect…, this book has every sort of character and they all have different backgrounds!

I really enjoyed this book, as it took me on a rollercoaster of emotions, definitely making it into my top 5 books of the year so far! Once again, thanks to Mira Ink, and Cara Thompson for sending me an ARC of this book  ❤

P.S…. C.J Skuse, please can we have a sequel which follows another one of the Fearless Five ;P

Josh x



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