Karma Kream ~ Lush Review

Karma Kream from Lush is by far one of the best products I have used from Lush!  It makes my skin feel soft, and ready for the day ahead, or nice and relaxed for a nice evening at  home.

This body lotion is in the same scent family with the Karma products. 14247949_1810150285896582_471579663_o

These include:

  • Karma Bubble Bar
  • Karma Perfume’s
  • Karma Komba Solid Shampoo

And many other products, which are now discontinued but may be released on the Lush Kitchen in the future!!

The current price for the 225g pot (shown in the picture) is currently £13.95


Now, I have a thing about body lotions. I need them to be perfect for me to be able to put them on my skin, as it’s all I smell and feel like throughout the day. For me I need the scent to be really strong and just to have a nice scent! But, I need the Lotion itself to be not too thick but not to thin, just in the middle, also not too greasy but for it, to give your skin a nice warm glow.

And Karma Kream, ticks all of those boxes for me! I find the scent to be really strong and long lasting on your skin, but I also find that it gives your skin a nice smooth finish. Which is great especially at night, when you just want to stay in and watch a movie and just be all comfy with your face mask on!

To me I find that even though it is in the Karma Scent family. It smells more like the Karma perfume products than the bath products. Which for me isn’t a problem, as I love both! But for some people, this may be an issue, as I know people that love the Bubble Bar scent but for some reason, don’t like the Perfume Scent!!

I have been using this for over a month now, and it has never failed to put a smile on my face.
I am dying for Lush to bring out some Karma Scented Products for over the Halloween and Christmas season, so that I can make my whole room smell like Karma!!

That’s all for this review, if you’ve had this product let me know in the comments and i’ll be back soon with another review!

Josh x



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