The Deviants by C.J Skuse ~ Spoiler Free Review

Please note, I will be posting a full spoiler review for this book on September 22nd, the release date of this book. So please check back then, and there will be a full review for you!

The Deviants is C.J Skuse’s new YA novel, due to be released on September 22nd in the UK through the publisher Mira Ink, who were kind enough to send me a proof copy for honest review purposes. For more information please contact Mira Ink.


The synopsis of the book is that, since being a very young age. The Fearless Five, Ella, Max, Corey, Fallon and Zane, were inseparable. But when Max’s sister is killed, they seem to separate. After these problems, only Ella and Max are in touch, being a couple since the age of 13. But secrets are causing their relationship to slowly degrade. When old friend Corey returns back into their life, the Fearless Five are re-united. To bring revenge onto them who have hurt them.

The genre of this book to me is mainly Contemporary and Mystery. With the main plot being love and friendship related but with the hint of secrets and mysteries.
Along with many other genres appearing along the way, the plot just seemed to thicken throughout the book, making me want more and more! Although for me the book was the perfect length, with a great, (sad), ending.

My favorite character out of the Fearless Five was Corey as his character was something really unique and unlike anyone I have read about before. Without spoiling anything about him or his part in the plot, I would say he is a geeky but surprising character who can stand up to things, which people think he wouldn’t be able to. Although I loved every single character in the book, except for one (for obvious reasons when you read the book), because unlike many books where many characters come from the same backgrounds, have the same family problems ect…, this book has every sort of character and they all have different backgrounds!

I really enjoyed this book, and it is definitely my favorite read of the year so far! Making the book 5 Stars!
Please check back on September 22nd, when this book is released as there will be a full spoiler filled blog post about this book! Once again, thanks to Mira Ink, and Cara Thompson for sending me an ARC of this book   ❤

Josh x





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