My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick ~ Review

Before I write this review I would just like to say a quick thank-you to, Electric Monkey and NetGalley for sending me an e-galley of this book in exchange for an honest review before this book was re-published. This review is spoiler free, so feel free to read the review and then read the book!

My Life Next Door is a Young Adult, Contemporary novel. Which was originally released back in 2012, but re-published on 7th January 2016 by the publishing company Electric Monkey. For more information please visit Goodreads or contact the publishers.13898222_1794014284176849_1617107236_o

The basic plot of the book is that there are two families which live next to each-other, one more “looked after” one “cheaper by the dozen”. The more “looked after” family make no attempts to communicate with the other family, but the main character Samantha (from the “looked after” family), rebels against her mothers rules and starts talking to the boy from next door, Jase Garret.

I have read many YA Contemporary novels, as it is by far my favorite genre to read. But this one really took me by surprise, this is due to the fact that this book went into more depth than a lot of the other Contemporary’s I have read. By reading the blurb I thought this would just be a normal love story (girl meets boy, fall in love, they break up, they get back together). But this was really different, as you get to see everyday problems, family issues, personal issues, teenage drama, and much more!
Another great thing about this book is that, instead of having one or two plot-lines, this book had many more, which kept the book fast paced and was a reason I loved this book so much!

Overall I really enjoyed this book and have gave it a rating 4.75 stars. Even though, it did take me a while to want to read it, once I gave it a chance, I read it in just about 3 hours, which is pretty good for a 450 page book! There is also a companion novel to this called The Boy Most Likely To, which was released on 9th June 2016. So I may check that one out in the future, but for now. Thank you for reading!

Josh x




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