The Captive Prince Trilogy by C.S Pacat ~ Trilogy Review

The Captive Prince Trilogy consists of 3 books. Captive Price, Princes Gambit and Kings Rising. These books are in the genres, Historical Fiction, LGBTQ and Erotica. Throughout the books there are trigger warnings for things such as Rape, Sexual Abuse, Slavery and Executions ect….IMG_0123

So I will just be talking about my overall thoughts and feelings on the trilogy as a whole, as it will be spoiler free! If you want to know more of my thoughts or feelings, go to my Contact Page and contact me in which ever way you want.

The premise of the trilogy is that a young male around 18 years of age called Damen is took as a pleasure slave to the Prince Of Vere, despite Damen being the heir of the throne to the land of Akeilos. Once he arrives in the kingdom of Vere, Damen despite many emotions, has to keep his identity secret. But when things take a turn for the worse, Damen and the Prince Of Vere, must fight together to survive.

My first impressions of the book were influenced by the first couple of scenes as they contain a lot of the trigger warnings, so this made me a little scared of what else was to come within the rest of the first book. But I carried on and I will tell you, the plot thickened really well and took a lot of twist and turns that I did not expect. So if you really struggle with the first couple of chapters, stick to the book until at least half-way through, as for me that is when it picked up!

My favorite character in the trilogy was definitely Damen, as you get to see his character go on such a journey of self-discovery, as he has been taken away to a different kingdom (the enemy kingdom!) which he now is a pleasure slave, despite him being an heir to the throne is his kingdom. But despite this we get to see him grow as a person and stand up for what really is right, despite many others disagreeing with him.

A factor which surprised me was the use of Historical features. As I don’t like reading Historical Fiction much, as for me it just makes me bored, but the way C.S Pacat used it to make the books stronger, really surprised me. Which has now made me interested in reading book books with a little spark of Historical Fiction in!

My ratings for the trilogy stand as follows –

Captive Prince (Book One) – 5 Stars
Princes Gambit (Book Two) – 5 Stars
Kings Rising (Book Three) – 5 Stars
Overall this means my rating for the whole trilogy has to be 5 Stars, as each book got stronger and stronger.

If you decide to pick up the first book or already have. Let me know what you think of it, in the comments below!

Josh x


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